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Free Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Looking to start your non-surgical body treatment journey but not sure where to start?
At True Blue Health, our team of experts have been treained and are full qualified to help you determine the most suitable, non-invasive treatments for your concerns.  Our medical grade TriLipo technology works in different ways to reduce stubborn fat, tighten the skin, tones the muscles, treat cellulite, rejuvenate the complexion and remove double chins as well as an amazing leg rejuvenation, to help our clients achieve their goals. We understand it can be a little tricky to work out which treatment is best for you before our initial consultation, that ‘s why we have developed a free and easy, face to face consultation process to provide you with all the information you need.

Before your consultation begins

Before your consultation begins, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff at one of our clinics.  You will be handed a consultation form that will need to be completed in clinic, ahead of your face to face meeting with your dedicated True Blue Health specialist.
The consultation form contains a brief questionaire regarding your lifestyle, medical history and any previous treatment history.  
Do not worry though, if you cannot answer all the questions, our therapists are happy to chat in private and guide you through the process during your consultation.

The Consultation Process

We dedicate 30 minutes for each consultation in one of our private consultation rooms.  This time allow for you to explain to your dedicated body contouring specialist the areas you’d like to treat and what you expect from the treatment.
One of the best ways to determine which treatment will work best, is for our trained professionals to access you visually.  The treatment areas are marked out, the areas of concerns are clearly identified by both the client and the technician, and treatment options are explained.
We like to explain how the treatment works in detail and what you should expect on the day of the treatment.  We also provide post care instruction so expectations can be clearly understood.  No question is a silly question so use this time to ask away!  We believe in disclosing all of the information regarding our technology to allow you to make an informed decision.

After your consultation

Once we have decided on an appropriate treatment plan, our expert technician will write out exactly what treatments will be best suitable to achieve your goals, along with pricing and package options.
There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the treatments suggested.  Our technicians are happy to follow up with you, only at your request, after the consultation, to see if there is any further information required to help you make your decision. 
We like to leave the decision making up to our clients and are happy to assist further if need be.
If you are happy with the treatment program and would like to get started, our therapist can book you in for a treatment at a later date, at the completion of the consultation.
If you’d like to digest all of the information and book at a later date, bookings for treatments can be make online or by calling your preferred clinic.